Elevate Veterinary Diagnostics

Harness the power of molecular diagnostics and the convenience of rapid testing to provide precise and efficient healthcare for your pets


High accuracy and sensitivity: comparable to PCR


Reliable molecular testing at the Point of Need


Sample to Result in 30 min


Detect pathogens in many biological samples

What is FLASH Pets?

FLASH Pets is a disposable palm-sized testing device that seamlessly combines the power of nucleic acid testing with the convenience of the widely used rapid test format. With PCR-quality results delivered in under 30 minutes, veterinarians can detect infectious pathogens in pets at the point of need, eliminating the days of waiting associated with traditional testing through external laboratories.

Our Technologies

At the core of the FLASH Pets testing kit are our patented and proprietary samples preparation and nucleic acid amplification technologies result of years of research that allow the integration into reliable, easy-to-use, sample-in result-out tools.